Wolf Rings


The wolf ring has a powerful power to adorn your hand and your look. It conveys your values, your tastes and expresses your personality. 

If you are a wolf lover, our Wolf Nation shop offers you a wide choice of wolf rings: in steel or silver, to represent your infatuation for this totem animal. Even if you are not, these jewels will certainly arouse your interest, thanks to their authenticity and subtle design, with their meticulous hand-made finishes. You can also complete your style with a wolf bracelet.


Our silver rings are certified 925 Sterling Silver (the leading reference in the field of jewellery) which attests to their quality.


Our steel rings are made of stainless steel, which guarantees you a water-resistant and unalterable piece of jewellery that will never rust. These jewels are durable and keep their shine over time.

So don't miss the opportunity to consult our new collection of these splendid accessories: wolf's head ring, Viking wolf ring