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Welcome to the den of the wolves.

Do you want to show your ferocity, bravery and loyalty with style? Enter the Wolves den, the Wolf Queen is waiting for you! At Wolf-Nation shop you will find the best wolf jewellery, t-shirts, hoodies and plushies.

Decorate your home like an Alpha Wolf

Looking for a decorative item to embellish your home? At Wolf-Nation you're sure to find the decoration you need! Wolf paintings and Wolf plushies will make your home more beautiful and design-oriented.


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wolf tee shirt for men

Discover our Wolf Tee-shirts collection

The wolf is a wild animal, which is often feared and repulsed. It is reputed to be a great voracious and cruel predator. For this reason, it arouses fear in our society. On the other hand, by closely analysing life within the pack, one can change one's mind and discover certain noble values in common with human beings.

The pack is subject to a well-defined social hierarchy in which each member occupies a specific place. In particular, the Alpha male wolf and his female guide the pack and ensure the survival and safety of the group. Therefore, it can be said that the wolf is very close to man.

If you are a lover of this wild world and the attractive profile of the wolf, you are sure to find your happiness with our new collection of Wolf T-shirts.

Show your ferocity, courage and valour with our extensive collection of wolf t-shirts. Handmade with organic cotton for an incredible quality.

Discover our Wolf Hoodies collection

The wolf sweatshirt is one of the methods adopted by wolf lovers to express their personality. This wild animal designates a powerful, courageous, dominant and lively character... It is considered the ideal symbol to describe the male character. This profile affects some people who like to stand out because of their strong and rigorous personality. To do this, they choose an appropriate style of clothing, such as wolf hoodies and wolf jumpers.

Our range of long-sleeved pullovers will fascinate you with their sparkling and warm colours. Between 3D wolf jumpers, jumpers with Iberian wolves, werewolf jumpers..., you will certainly find the right article to unveil the burning wolf in you.

Our printed wolf jumpers are rigorously designed to allow you to highlight your personality with a style that is chic, captivating and out of the ordinary. The touch that makes our jumpers stand out is the High Definition 3D prints of wolf heads drawn on our garments. Our eloquent designs bring prints to life and make them ultra-literate. So by wearing a wolf jumper, you will associate yourself with the soul of a leading, confident and fierce wolf.